Judah Tangshing - Mission Myanmar

Judah is the founder and president of Mission Myanmar. Mission Myanmar supports orphanages, Bible students, evangelists, church planting, community outreach and disaster relief.

Judah helps oversee six orphanages in five locations across Myanmar.  He is the lead pastor of Wireless Church of Christ in Yangon, and supports 15 churches across Myanmar.  He guest teaches at local Bible colleges and supports Bible college students.  Khaw, Judah’s wife, guest speaks on occasions and leads the women’s ministry at Wireless Church of Christ.

Currently, there is work being done at the Yangon orphanage to fix the leaking roof, mend the broken water tanks, raise the floor level in the orphanage bathrooms, and furnish the third floor children’s bedrooms.  Projects at Jung Byaw: rebuild the parsonage because of rotting wood.  Projects for Putao:  build a sturdy foot bridge across the stream on the orphanage property (floods each year make it very dangerous).


New Covenant Christian Church in Gonaives, Haiti

  •    In 2016 our church helped to start New Covenant Christian Church in the city of Gonaives, Haiti. We worked in partnership with Pastor Simprius Joseph from Haiti to strategically begin a church in a community that was desperate for hope. Gonaives is the third largest city in Haiti and its residents are stricken with poverty, malnutrition and unemployment. Our goal with starting the church was to introduce hope to the people through the good news of Jesus.
  •        The hope we wish to bring to the people of Gonaives is twofold. First, we believe with great confidence that Jesus promises us that he will provide an eternal place in paradise when we walk with Him and love Him. Secondly, hope can be found on earth with the help of Jesus as well. Through the church’s ministry we are seeking to educate families on hygiene and sustainable farming/business techniques. Our aim is to help them attain a better life on earth and in the life to come.
  •        2020 was a challenging year for the people in Haiti, as well as other parts of the world.  The Covid Pandemic made an already difficult life in Haiti even more challenging.  Concerns grew in the larger towns of Haiti as people fell ill with the virus.  Medical treatment is not readily available for many people in Haiti and so fear began to reign in many people’s lives.  This fear restricted people from attending church and other gatherings.  Despite all of this, New Covenant Christian Church continued to grow and bless the community.

  •        The church in Gonaives was able to see several people give their lives to Jesus and follow that up with their baptism.  We rejoiced with the church there in Haiti as they see their ministry continue to grow.  The church was overjoyed when they received the wood and supplies that were needed to construct the benches for seating at the church.  This allows them to accommodate more people in the church services comfortably.

2020 Highlights

  • Dozens of baptisms have occurred despite the pandemic.
  • The roof at the orphanage is fixed and the bridge at the Putao Children’s home is done.
  • Evangelists have continued to minister to families, holding church services in people’s homes.  More and more people are responding to the gospel.
  • Over 100 children in the orphanages.