Made 4 More: 2020

Made 4 more is a series that we kicked off back in September of 2018. In this series we set 3 major goals that we want accomplished by the end of 2020. The goals we set are big, but we believe that they reflect the heart of God. What we aspire to do God has Commanded us to do.

"Go and make Disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit."

-Matthew 28:19

"Never let an impossible situation intimidate you. Let it motivate you to pray more, believe more, trust more, experience more, learn more, and grow more. Faith always works in the realm of the impossible."

-Rick Warren

Goal #1: 150 Salvation Decisions

God has clearly commanded us to spread the gospel, to tell people what Christ has done for us. We hope to have 150 people see and experience the heart of God by 2020. To know that his Grace is sufficient for us. Accomplishing this goal means doing the mission that Jesus set before us. 

Matthew 28:19

Goal #2: Fully funded Church plant

Planting Churches is something that we believe in at Lake Eustis, Currently we have a successful Church plant in Haiti that is going well. We are working on doing a church plant in 2020, the goal is to have it completely funded by then, which is no small task. We are praying, believing, and trusting God to help us accomplish this. Accomplishing this goal means bringing the Gospel, and a thriving ministry seeking to help that community grow. 

Goal #3 Double our connection groups

During the week we have Connection groups meeting in homes and at our campus. These groups seek to help us grow in our faith, talk about our faith,  and do life along side other believers. Being plugged into a small group is something we encourage. It helps build relationships and to avoid isolation. We weren't meant to do this life alone. Accomplishing this goal means more people with a deeper understanding of the heart of God. 

We would like to ask that you be in prayer for these goals. Even if you aren't a member or attender at Lake Eustis. We would love to have you pray that we can be diligent in the goals we've set, and diligent in doing the will of our Savior Jesus. Pray for the new salvation decisions that are being made and for us to lay our pride aside, and ultimately realize that we are made for more.