Global Missions

At Lake Eustis Christian we take serious God's word as it tells us to

"go into all the world" (Matthew 28:19)  With the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe that the truth of Jesus is the only true hope for a world that is hurting. So we use our resources to support missionaries around the globe that are carrying this message of hope and joy to those who have not yet heard. We support work in places from Haiti to Myanmar and everywhere in between. Below is a snapshot of the work of those ministries we support overseas.

New Covenant Christian Church, Haiti

In 2016 our church helped to start a church called New Covenant Christian Church in the city of Gonaives, Haiti. We worked in partnership with pastor Simprius from Haiti to strategically begin a church in a community that was desperate for hope. Gonaives is the third largest city in Haiti and its residents are stricken with poverty, malnutrition and unemployment. Our goal with starting the church was to introduce hope to the people through the good news of Jesus.

The hope we wish to bring to the people of Gonaives is twofold. First, we believe with great confidence that Jesus promises us that he will provide an eternal place in paradise when we walk with Him and love Him. This gives hope to people, especially those whose living conditions on earth are so deplorable. Secondly, hope can be found on earth with the help of Jesus as well. Through the church’s ministry we are seeking to educate families on hygiene and sustainable farming/business techniques. Our aim is to help them attain a better life on earth and in the life to come.

Judah Tangshing/Mission Myanmar

Mission Myanmar is located in the heart of Myanmar (formerly called Burma) and is very successful in ministering to families there. Myanmar is a country that can be quite hostile to Christians and has been known to imprison those who claim to follow Christ. But the work that is happening through Mission Myanmar is incredible.

Mission Myanmar is led by a man named Judah Tangshing. Judah grew up there in Myanmar and traveled to receive his education from Johnson University in Florida. He then returned to his home country to pursue his life-long mission of missionary work amongst his people. Mission Myanmar has several orphanages and schools, they work with disaster relief and many more things. Mission Myanmar has been instrumental at training up evangelists and sending them out to start churches. There have been numerous churches launched in recent years due to this great work.